Famous Youtuber Manoj Dey Net Worth (2023)- Earnings, Income, Wife, Youtube Channels

You’ve possibly seen Manoj Dey’s video on YouTube and heard of him. Manoj Dey’s success is entirely the result of his laborious efforts, passion, desire, and, most importantly, the internet. The success of Manoj Dey was greatly influenced by the Internet. In this article, we have covered Manoj Dey net worth, income, earnings, wife, and net worth in rupees. Manoj Dey’s life underwent a sea shift thanks to YouTube, and today he earns lakhs of rupees every month. Most of us have internet access at home, yet only a small percentage of us make good use of it. Here we only give Manoj Dey net worth in Indian rupees.

Manoj Dey Net Worth:

As of 2023, Manoj Dey net worth is around $970000. He earns through Youtube Videos. He also earns the most income through sponsorships. Manoj Dey net worth in rupees is 8 crore.


Manoj Dey Net Worth

You must be familiar with Manoj Dey’s channel if you enjoy viewing technical videos on YouTube. How they may improve the growth of their YouTube channel from the person who inspired and motivated millions of people. Manoj Dey’s consistency and hard effort and smartness are the sole factors that have contributed to his achievement.

On July 12, 1997, in the Jharkhand district of Dhanbad, Manoj Dey was born. After graduating from Government School, where he received his primary education, he also obtained an ITI degree. 

Since his father was a bicycle mechanic, Manoj Dey’s family had a bad financial situation over the years. Manoj began teaching lectures to kids while he was a 12th grader. He used to worry constantly about the future and never stop trying to learn new things. Manoj lacked the funds necessary to purchase Internet access (Mobile Recharge).

One day, while using his friend’s phone, he unexpectedly came upon a video on the Dharmendra Kumar-owned My Smart Support YouTube channel. After watching that video, he was very much motivated by it.

He then launched a YouTube channel, which is well-known. At first, he had to overcome several obstacles, but he persisted. He used to upload songs in the beginning, but due to an issue with the Internet, he had to close that channel.

Reliance Jio entered the market after roughly a month, and he soon began receiving free internet service as a result. His YouTube channel, Technical Manoj, was subsequently founded. He made the decision to upload videos with tips, tricks, and unboxings on this channel. His diligence paid off, as his YouTube channel quickly expanded. Many peoples are excited to know Manoj Dey’s net worth.

Because of the high quality of his videos, his channel became monetized, and revenue began to flow from it as a result. All of this motivated him to pursue his passions, which he did. Yet without warning, his channel’s ability to earn money was suddenly removed.

6 months later, Gujarat made him a job offer. He agreed to the position after that and left for Gujarat. But after visiting Gujarat, he realized that this employment was only sufficient to support him financially.

He was tired of his life. He left and went back to his village, where he first started a YouTube channel with the name Manoj Dey. Nowadays people are so much interested to know Manoj Dey net worth. He put a lot of effort into that channel, which now has about 4 million subscribers. He now has everything he wants, including his own home, car, mobile phone, and money.

Manoj Dey Income:

Manoj Dey makes a significant amount of money through YouTube, as well as from sponsorships, adverts, and promos. Manoj Dey Income In Rupees: Manoj Dey’s channel profits range from approximately $ 2.1k to $ 33.1k, or about Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 25 lakh. Earnings from Manoj Dey’s other channel, “Manoj Dey Vlogs,” are between $356 – $ 5.7k, or roughly Rs 26 – Rs 4.3 lakhs. Manoj Dey also receives money via his YouTube channel, “Actor Manoj Dey,” where he makes an estimated $15 to $236, or about Rs 1100 to Rs 17,000. Moreover, Manoj Dey’s income is influenced by sponsorships, advertisements, and promotions.
Manoj Dey’s strong will, perseverance, and willingness to work have helped him succeed in life.

Manoj Dey’s Wife:

Manoj Dey Net Worth

On March 16, 2023, Manoj Dey and Jyoti Shree shared two precious photos from their wedding on their individual Instagram accounts in a combined post. Manoj looked handsome in the photo wearing a golden-hued kurta, but Jyoti stole the show in a traditional saree. The deeply in love couple looked beautiful in their individual outfits, but it was the second photo that captured everyone’s attention.

Interesting Facts:

  • Manoj came upon a YouTube video about “how to earn money through YouTube” while studying for a government job in Dhanbad. He then launched his own YouTube channel, where he posted his singing videos. But after hearing nothing but negative feedback, he made the decision to deactivate his YouTube channel.


  • He was named the brand ambassador for Dhanbad in the year 2022.


  • During his ITI education, Manoj used to teach tutoring lessons to make up for his lack of pocket money.


  • After completing his ITI program, Manoj started working at a Gujarati fabric manufacturer for a ten thousand rupee monthly income. Despite this, he did not find the position to be fulfilling and left. In order to prepare for the government job, he subsequently went back to his home village and enrolled himself at Success Mantra, a tutoring facility in Dhanbad.


  • He enjoys singing and playing video games.


  • He is a Big Dog lover guy.

Manoj Dey Youtube Channels:

Currently, Manoj Running two youtube channels. First is his technical channel named ‘Manoj Dey‘ where he uploads technical videos related to youtube updates and how to start a youtube channel. This channel has 4.06 million subscribers. The second channel is his personal life related named ‘Manoj Dey Vlogs‘ where he posts related to his life incidents. This channel has 1.01 million subscribers.

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Who is Manoj Dey?

Manoj Dey is an Indian Youtuber and Social Media Influencer.

What is net worth of Manoj Dey?

Net Worth of Manoj Dey is Rs 8 crore (INR)

What is age of Manoj Dey?

Manoj Dey is of 26 years old.

Who is Wife Manoj Dey?

Jyoti Shree is his wife.

What is Manoj Dey's Income?

He earns upto Rs 10 lakhs per month through Youtube.



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