Shark Tank: Happilo Founder Vikas D Nahar Net Worth 2023

Happilo co-founder and CEO Vikas D Nahar will appear as a shark on Shark Tank India 2 in a special episode. In this article, you will get about Happilo net worth, Shark Tanks India Judge Vikas D Nahar, and Vikas D Nahar net worth.

Vikas D Nahar in Shark Tanks India Season 2:

Shark Tank India is a reality program about entrepreneurship where contestants pitch their start-ups and businesses to successful businessmen known as sharks in an effort to secure their financial backing and mentoring. India saw great success with the inaugural season, which broadcast in 2021–2022. Beginning in January, the second season has begun to air.

Vikas D. Nahar, the founder, and CEO of Happilo will serve as a guest shark on the panel. The entrepreneur discussed getting turned down 20 times before ultimately succeeding in his debut video. He emphasized the value of sincere effort each time while acting on his gut feeling. The special episode will encourage more people never to give up trying since there is always a chance around the corner, he said, adding, “I always listen to my heart.”

Who is Vikas D Nahar?

Vikas D Nahar Net Worth

Happilo, a major player in the market for dried fruit and nuts, was co-founded and is led by CEO Vikas D. Nahar. Consumers can choose from a variety of nutritious snacks at this company. His family was involved in the pepper and coffee industries, which gave him the predisposition to be an entrepreneur by nature. In 2005, he started working for the Jain Group after earning his Bachelor of Arts in Computer Application from Bangalore University.

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Nahar joined Satvikk Speciality Foods as the Managing Director after taking a hiatus to complete his MBA at Symbiosis International University. His time at Satvikk served as a valuable foundation for Happilo in many respects, as he assisted in the company’s expansion to include about 40 different dry fruit kinds, 100 different chocolate varieties, and 60 different spice varieties.

In the year that followed quitting Satvikk in 2015, he founded Happilo. Only two team members and Rs 10,000 in initial money were used to launch the brand. Happilo is currently the market leader with a 500 crore rupee annual revenue run-rate. Now, the brand is well-represented on e-commerce sites and in physical locations all throughout the nation.

Vikas D Nahar Net Worth or Happilo Net Worth:

As of 2023, Vikas D Nahar net worth is around Rs500 crores (INR). Because Happilo company’s net worth is also Rs500 crores (INR). At starting time of Happilo, he struggled a lot for achieving success. The average monthly revenue for Vikas Nahar’s business is Rs 40 crore.

Happilo Biography:

Happilo, a maker of healthy foods with headquarters in Bengaluru, was founded that year. A unique variety of nuts, dried fruits, seeds, dry-roasted snacks, trial mixes, holiday gift baskets, and other items are available at Happilo. Their wide variety of products, which cater to every taste and age group, has allowed their best-sellers to find their way into the homes and hearts of many households.

They were able to improve production levels and make several product developments throughout the years because of their automated manufacturing plant in Yeshwantpur, Bangalore. All renowned contemporary retail and general trade establishments carry the gourmet brand Happilo. on online purchasing portals, and is one of the most sought-after FMCG brands.

With their ability to capitalize on the quality, food safety, great taste, and other health benefits of nuts, they currently have a wide range of distribution networks across India with more than 200+ Channel partners to cover the entire length and width of the Nation. More growth can therefore be anticipated. In the upcoming years, they’ll keep inventing more exciting products for everyone and expanding their consumer base throughout Asia.

They experimented with various goods in response to the shifting preferences of their clients in order to provide a unique and nutritious option. This led to the creation of our Trial mix series, Healthy seeds, and most recently, our snack packs, which are the ideal replacement for all the processed foods on the market.

Happilo Official Website:

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Who is Vikas D Nahar?

Vikas D Nahar is the Ceo and Founder of Happilo.

Where is from Happilo Company?

It Indian company based in Bengluru.

What is Vikas D Nahar's Age?

Vikas D Nahar is 39 years old.